Video Brand Design

a strategic approach is required for your audience to identify and recognize your brand

Creating video campaigns requires that all content be consistent, recognizable, and cohesive. At Matthew James, we accomplish just that. Check out the work we have performed for our clients. As you can see, each video campaign is quite different. We are able to accommodate any style, medium, or design you require…

Americas #1 Restoration Broker and Author Gokul Padmanabhan

Gokul Padmanabhan, an expert in Buying and Selling Restoration Businesses, approached us to create branded videos with CTAs, intros, outros, and motion graphics to increase his social media presence. Currently, Gokul is writing a book and brokering deals with Restoration Brokers of America. Following a brainstorming session with Gokul and his team, we came up with the following recommendations:

Paul Knopf & Bigger Law Firm

The Paul Knopf & Bigger Law Firm requested a motion graphic for use in their commercials as well as some other assets to demonstrate their appreciation to their customers. Due to their wide range of practices, I wanted to present all the services they provide in a clear and concise manner. Using their current branding, we made the following;


Commerical Real Estate Expert and Author David Cobb

David Cobb an expert in Commercial Real Estate, asked us to make video content for him. As a result of writing blogs and articles via LinkedIn, Dave has been experiencing organic growth. In our brainstorming session with Dave and Alex Cervasio, we discussed the need to establish Dave’s personal brand.
In order to accomplish this, we intend to begin recording video-podcasts to promote his new personal brand through his expertise in commercial real estate. As Dave was already producing podcasts, adding video to these interviews was a simple transition. The next step was to create a professional intro and a variety of outros with specific calls to action. As shown below;