Matthew James

Video Branding

 a strategic approach is required for your audience to identify and recognize your brand


It’s important when creating video campaigns that all content contains consistent, recognizable, and cohesive. Here at Matthew James, we accomplish just that, check out our work from this year’s DirtyBird CampInn Music Festival. You’ll notice that each video is quite different but is still branded cohesively into a series of call-to-action videos.

 DirtyBird CampInn Music Festival 2021 presented by Unitea


 Commerical Real Estate Expert and Author David Cobb


David Cobb, an expert in Commercial Real Estate, came to us with the idea of creating video content to grow his audience. Dave has currently been witnessing organic growth writing blogs and articles via Linked-In. After brainstorming with Dave and Alex Cervasio we all discussed the need to establish Dave’s personal brand.

david cobb logo signature

Logo we created for Dave’s personal brand

To do this we wanted to start filming video-podcast’s to push his new personal brand via his expertise in commercial real estate. Since Dave was already in the process of making podcast’s it was an easy transition to add video to these interviews. We then branded a professional intro and various outro’s with specific call-to-actions. See below;